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Website Builders Vs Pro Web Design

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Website builders versus pro web development

Website builders: good or bad?

It doesn’t matter whether your business is very new, or already well established.

Purchasing web design services is a serious business decision.

You can't be competitive by cutting costs. Cutting corners on crucial components of your marketing, especially your website, is a terrible idea.

The main objective of investing in a marketing tool such as a website, is to make your business look as professional, or more professional and reliable than your competition.

Website builders, such as Wix or SquareSpace are cheap because they use “cookie-cutter” templates that are continuously recycled across different customers websites.

If you have a cheap-looking website, expect cheap customers.

The message you are sending to your audience, by using “cookie-cutter” templates from cheap website builders is that your services reflect your website. Your services reflect the look and the perceived budget you chose to invest into your marketing.

If a client comes to you with a six-figure budget, this customer expects to see your main online presence crafted in a manner that reflects that budget.

A good example is an owner of a very expensive car, looking for a shop to take his or her vehicle for maintenance:

This person will not take a very expensive vehicle to a small, cheap little autobody shop in the outskirts of town, but rather to any number of high-end, luxury automotive service centers with a reputation for high-end work.

One could make the case that this happens all the times, when word gets out of a little-known mechanic with amazing skills and a reputation for doing great work.

With that said, in the real business world, word-of-mouth is not realistic, and the look and feel of your website is the only variable your audience has available to make an informed decision.

Spend money to make money

Your budget may be small, but you do have options that can elevate your web presence to a point where you can be competitive. This is where value-based pricing becomes useful.

The cost of building a website totals to a flat-rate, which takes into account an estimate of the resources necessary to build your website. This includes skills and experience of professional web developers, designers, testers, as well as stock images, fonts, and the cost of software used to bring your project to completion, among some of the basic overhead items. Just like you, we are running a business, and our objective is to give you the confidence to invest in a product that helps your business be successful.

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate