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Skyline Grid Core 2 - List of available modules

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Your Website: Powered by You

Skyline Grid Core 2.0 is a back-end system designed to simplify the way you manage and update your custom website.

On this page you will find a running list of the apps, organized by category, that are currently available to all of our new clients.

Items marked with an asterisk(*) are included in the base configuration.

My Website

  • Main Settings*: configure your website's name, timezone, SSL mode, email addresses, and public company information, such as phone number, address, and more. This module also includes controls to set the email header and footer for all email communication used by the website's contact forms and user-facing apps.
  • Manage Users: Manage subscribing members of your website, and assign roles and different access levels, to different areas of your website, such as password-protected, exclusive content.
  • Edit Main Menu*: Edit and reposition the items available in your website's main navigation, using an easy drag-and-drop interface.
  • Manage Pages*: Create new pages for your website, or edit the layout, title, descripton and accessibility of existing ones.
  • Edit Brand*: Rebrand your website by changing favicon, logo, wallpaper and header image
  • Edit Page Content*: Edit the content of any static page you are currently visiting, using an easy visual editor that lets you upload images, and edit the source HTML code.
  • Backup Website Data*: Creates a complete backup of all your website's data and saves it into a MySQL file, at the click of a button. Moving your website on a new host, or recovering from hacking? Download your data file, and rebuild where you left off: no mess, no fuss.


  • Blog: Publish blog and news articles, using a fully featured visual editor that lets you upload media content and edit the HTML source code, for total control of the look and formatting of your posts. The user-facing blog page features powerful search features, and the ability for subscribers to leave comments and ratings.
  • Events: Create events information to publish on your website. Street addresses are automatically verified using USPS address verification API, and map information is provided by Microsoft™ Bing Maps©.
  • Newsletter: Stay in touch with your subscribers by sending instant email messages, professionally formatted and inclusive of your customizable business header and footer. Powered by Symfony™ Swift Mailer©.
  • Portfolio: Showcase your best work with a simple upload form. Group your items by category for easy organization. Useful if you plan to create separate pages showcasing different categories of items.
  • Social Media Links*: Manage your social media links to show on your website, with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

My Business

  • Clients: Create a searchabe database of your clients, and use it for invoicing, communication, marketing, and more business-related tasks. Clients can also be activated to become users of your website, where they can be granted access to exclusive content and information, such as invoices, special offers, and more.
  • Expenses: Keep track of your expenses easily, and instantly calculated your yearly totals by category. Useful to calculate tax deductions quickly and easily.
  • Invoicing: Whether you charge by the hour, or have a fixed pricing, this app allows you to create professionally formatted invoices to send to your clients. Create multiple rates and rate categories, as well as fixed pricing for add-on items you may provide as part of your service. Useful for contractors and independent professionals.


  • Inventory: Manage your store inventory by uploading a simple spreadsheet, or by manually adding items, featuring properties including weight, color, size, and more.
  • Orders: Keep track of your orders easily by looking up a live database of purchases from your website's store.
  • Shipping: Configure your sales tax nexus, and accurately calculate the sales tax. Powered by TaxCloud™.
  • Payment APIs: Configure your payment processing method of choice to charge your customers for everything they buy on your website. Currently available are Stripe, and

User Content

  • User Submitted: Review and moderate content posted by your subscribing members on your website. This module activates an HTML visual editor for your members to use for publishing personal blogs, or other independent content.
  • Ratings: Review and manage ratings and comments posted on areas of your website like your blog, or store item pages.

File Manager

  • Images: Upload, preview, search and delete image files.
  • Audio: Upload, preview, search and delete audio files
  • Video: Upload, preview, search and delete video files
  • Text Docs Upload, search and delete text documents
  • Users Files Upload, preview, search and delete user-uploaded files


Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate