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This is why i am a night-owl web developer.

If you are a web developer, chances are you didn t choose to be one, at least initially. At some point in your life, you just fell into it and liked it enough to make it your job.

Take a baker for example. A baker s job, traditionally consists of waking up in the middle of the night, so that by opening time, patrons can walk into the shop and buy the best fresh bread and baked goods they can get.

It s not a question on whether he has to wake up at 4:00am. If you are good at anything, the anxiety of failing prevails over the need for sleep.

Whether you design websites, build houses, code software applications, paint, sculpt, bake or cook masterpieces for a living, if that is truly what you see yourself doing for the rest of your life, that is what you ll do, and that will be the one thing you can never bring yourself to compromise on. Not matter how bad things get. No matter how lousy the market is. No matter how long it takes to be successful.

There is one truth about web developers and programmers in general, that often defines who we are in the eyes of other people. Such truth is by no means all-inclusive, but it is widespread, because in a sense, being what we are is what allows many of us to pursue our dreams.

Speaking for myself, being introverted has always been a motivator in keeping my head down on the keyboard and learn as much as i can about what i like to do best: web design. Being introverted is also problematic, as most people will tell you.

Introversion is the inability to tune out the outside world when we need it the most, and for many of us, the world is a noisy, obnoxious place, where the faintest wailing siren, or the lightest screech of tires, can disintegrate our ability to concentrate.

Every minute, of every hour that is lost, can never be recovered, and when you work in a field in which every minute counts towards the quality of your end result, the search for peace and quiet can be daunting at best. Alas, quiet must be found.

While some are lucky enough to benefit from cozy, well-insulated offices, others are not so lucky. The local coffee shop can be a charming place to check your email and scroll through the latest social media posts, but it is no place to create, at least not for me.

Music can create some kind of barrier between my thoughts and background noise, but sound is only one of the five senses.

I am one of those people who hates working at home. The distractions are never ending, and it s just impossible to talk to clients while staring at a hamper full of laundry. The tone of voice changes, you can t negotiate, you can t reason properly, because something about your surroundings makes you feel you can t be taken seriously as a professional.

It might sound petty, but that is why i have always tried to create a separate environment for myself, where i can work, and let me tell you: it s not cheap.

Then comes night time. As tired as anyone can feel at the end of the day, suddenly a special kind of quiet sets in. Everything falls silent. I no longer expect, or want the phone to ring. I can glance at my email without expecting anything important to come through.

Then i look at my work, and suddenly everything comes together. All the mistakes and glitches of the day. Finally i understand it. I can fix it now. It s like walking across a desert with little water and food, and finally getting to your destination, where there is plenty of everything you ll ever need.

That s when i know i can get things done.

I won t lie to you, it s exhausting. Creating, doing what you really like, is more tiring than anything you ll ever experience. You feel more productive than you have ever been in your life. You experience a rush, when you see everything working the way you want to, that s equal to dropping 20,000ft without a parachute.

That s when you crash. Next thing you know, it s six in the morning. You hear the garbage trucks coming around. The sun is coming out. You can t even look at yourself.

You leave the office quietly, with a demeanor that some would probably mistake for the walk of shame . You have to remind yourself to wipe that grin of your face. You accomplished something, time to go to sleep for an hour or two.

I remember in my college years, in Australia, a roommate gave me the nickname Night Owl . I guess it s well deserved, because in the end, if you really love what you do, there is no better way to show it, than through your work. No matter when it s done, as long as it is done.

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