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Learn about our process of creating and pricing your website

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First Consultation

As a business owner, you understand the importance of listening to your target audience, and identify the needs that your business is able to fulfill.

Our process begins the moment we receive your first email, but it does not move forward until we have our first real conversation, where we explore every aspect of your business, so that we may begin to craft the general idea that will ultimately lead to creating an unforgettable experience for your target audience to return to.

From that point of our conversation onward, there will be research, concepts, but most importantly, there will be questions, may those be from us to you, or vice-versa.

Three Steps

After the initial consultation, we begin the real work by producing three to four moodboards. What they are is quite simply collections of images, that are sometimes grouped by style, color, feel, context, and a variety of other elements.

Moodboard are important because they allow us to ask you very specific questions about the style you are drawn to, and your vision.

This is also where we define a general color palette for your website and your branding, or where we discuss the integration of your existing colors and branding into your company’s website.

The next step is where we begin to share mockups of what your website may look like, based on the information we gathered from you. Depending on your feedback, a more refined version of some of these mockups will be produced, as we narrow our choices towards a final design.

The final step is the working mockup, which is a working, interactive online simulation of how your website may look and feel when it’s built and uploaded online. This is not a real live website, but rather an interactive presentation, much like what could be done in Microsoft PowerPoint, but much more advanced, and available online, through a password-protected link, provided by Adobe Creative Cloud™.

From this point forward, we require a final approval of the design, at which stage we discuss the back-end tools you would like us to include with your website, if any.

Discussing the Back-End

We strongly recommend the integration of Skyline Grid Core 2 in your website, as it offers a range of very targeted tools you can use to minimize the time and cost of keeping your website up to date.

The major advantage of adding our back-end, is that we can customize it for you, depending on the features and level of control you require.

The base configuration of Skyline Grid Core 2 is comprised of simple, yet powerful content editing and site management tools. With this configuration you will be able to create and manage web pages, edit content, manage your main menu, and customize/edit social media links.

Beyond the base configuration, the sky's the limit, with a current total of 26 apps available that we can mix and match for you, based on your requirements.

Each component is individually priced, and itemized, and it can even be added at a later time as needed.

Finalizing your project

This is the stage where we require a final approval on every final concept, mockup, design and feature discussed thus far, so that we may proceed to build your website and upload it to your hosting server once it's completed.

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate

Value-based pricing versus hourly work rate