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General Terms and conditions

1.0 - Premise

Access of this website, use of any of its features and functionality, as well as access and download of any of the files, images, concepts, ideas, logos, designs and technology on this website requires acceptance of the terms and conditions described on this document.

2.0 - Users

2.1 - Access

Users of this site are not required to pay, or perform any special action to access this site, except where it is clearly stated, such as in the case of password protected areas and media that can only be accessed through a required procedure, such as a Registration process.

2.2 - Privacy

Users may or may not be allowed to interact, or be aware of activity from other users on this site.

Users are not allowed to use the technology available on this site in such manner as to cause the forceful disclosure of information about other users, whether or not an authorized and informed consent has been released.

Any user shall be deemed an "Unauthorized User", under the definition provided in the glossary of this document, if the following two requirements are met: 1.)A user discloses another user's information from a password-protected area of this site, and posts such information in a publicly accessible manner, either on this site or anywhere else on the Internet where free, unrestricted access is allowed. 2)A complaint is received by a user, that personal information was retrieved, from either this website, or the public Internet, and published on this site without expressed or implied authorization.

2.3 - Intellectual property

In order to protect all holders of copyright for intellectual property that may or may not be featured on this site: All graphic elements, text, colors, themes, audiovisual media and representation in all manners and forms that are accessible on this site are to be considered copyrighted property. The copy, download and off-site publishing of any media that is part of this website is not authorized.

If a user uploads or posts copyrighted media on this website, in such manner that suggests such user claims ownership of the uploaded / posted media, and such property is reported as plagiarized, stolen, with evidence supporting the intellectual theft, the material will be immediately and permanently removed, and the infringing party will be considered an Unauthorized User, effective immediately.

2.4 - Harassment

Users who are being reported as conducting behavior that is considered abusive, as defined under "Abusive Behavior" in this document's glossary, are considered engaging in harassment. Harassment is not tolerated and all users who harass other users, regardless of reasoning or motivation, will be deemed Unauthorized to access this website, effective immediately.

3.0 - E-commerce

3.1 - Services and products

This website will not sell, advertise or solicit the sale or trade of any service or product that is deemed illegal for purchase under the law, local, national or international, under which this website operates.

3.2 - Trading

The owners of this website may or may not allow users to trade, exchange, advertise or solicit the sale of products and services, to other users, as long as a)such activities are legal under the law and jurisdiction presiding over all parties involved, and b)Such activities do not lead to public nuisance, harassment, or distress, whether it is of a physical or mental nature.

Example a)A user engaged in the sale or distribution of a controlled substance which is regulated by laws that do not allow direct sale over the Internet.

Example b)A user engaged in the sale or distribution of literature or political hate speech designed specifically to incite an individual or group to cause physical harm to another individual or group.

3.3 - Returns

Unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase, i.e. during the process of Checkout, all sales are considered final, and no returns are allowed.

4.0 - Data handling

4.1 - Security

While the owners of this website may use encryption protocols to protect user-submitted data, such encryption does not constitute a guarantee of safety. The owners of this website will not accept any responsibility in regard to information and data stolen by individuals illegally tampering with this website.

4.2 - Financial information

This website supports the processing of credit card and debit card transactions following PCI-DSS standards. No financial information is ever permanently stored on this website. Such information includes credit card numbers, bank account numbers, CVC numbers, PIN numbers, email addresses that are associated with online payment systems such as PayPal, BitCoin or similar data that may lead to illegal gathering of funds by unauthorized parties.

All financial transactions are processed by an authorized third party's secure payment processing system. Such third party provides the infrastructure that allows payment transactions to take place. This website does not allow the transmission, nor the storage of non-encrypted financial data.