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Three major advantages of built-to-order websites

The disadvantage of being a small business, or a startup, is that budget is often small, and just can't stretch far enough, to create a proper online presence.

On the one hand, businesses are often prepared to settle for quick-and-dirty solutions, like putting together a Wordpress site, and finding a theme that is barely good enough to provide a near-professional user experience.

The problem with that approach is that appearances aren't everything, especially when it comes to web development for business. There are many problems with a quick-and-dirty approach, which can adversely affect online presence, and perception of the business, from the standpoint of a web visitor.

On the other hand, most businesses operating on a restricted budget, avoid custom-built websites, for three primary reasons:

  1. Custom websites have a reputation of being expensive and catering to high-profile corporate entities first.
  2. The perceived notion that custom websites do not support as many options, features and aren't as scalable as more popular options, particularly compared to a CMS like Wordpress or Drupal.
  3. The perceive, and very wrong assuption, that custom websites aren't as secure against hacking as more popular above-mentioned CMS.

Let's start by debunking reason number 1:

Cost of building a custom site versus installing a ready-made CMS

While installing a CMS takes barely the time required to upload its payload on a host server, and configure MySQL, this is merely the beginning. With that said, while most CMS solutions are available at no cost, the cost of customizing the installation to a point where it sheds 90% of its blog feel, and becomes closer to looking like a business website, levitates with every hour spent swifting through themes, and finding one that is perhaps 50% close to an ideal final result, with the remainder of that time spent reverse-engineering that theme, until it works as desired.

This process doesn't take any less time, nor any less skill, than building a website from scratch, as it requires delving into the very innards of a theme which most likely carries its own cost as well (Only a small percentage of business-worthy Wordpress themes are free of charge, and most of them).





Three major advantages of built-to-order websites




2nd November, 2015


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