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Does your business offer Robots on Demand?

You may not know it, but a lot of businesses that use the Web to connect and interact with their customers, including yours, make use of robotic technology.

The technology that allows servo-mechanisms to receive commands over the web has been around for a long time, but it wasn t until the mobile revolution hit, that this technology found the most creative applications.

Food industry

When we think "food", we think "now", especially when there is no time to cook! The restaurant industry is still catching up, on a local level, but businesses have been looking into ways to offer food on demand, that customers can order from their phone or tablet, while on the go.

Thanks to web enabled technology, restaurants can now receive food orders in real time, using ticket printers capable of processing commands sent from a website.

For an average restaurant, the cost of adopting the necessary technology and developing a website, is not exorbitant and can be absorbed in less than a couple of months of revenue.

Automotive Rental Services

Renting a car used to be a huge pain in the butt, at least in the "good old days".

Now, thanks to web enabled technology, and mobile booking, we can have a vehicle waiting for us outside the airport, hotel or theater, whenever we are ready to leave! With self-driving technology, we might even be able to literally call a cab.

On-demand Manufacturing

Thanks to 3D printing, as well as other forms of remote manufacturing and assembly, we can already special order certain items, with the look we want. Services like Zazzle, for instance, offer a wide array of custom items, including electronics, mugs, apparel and accessories.

Taking it one step further, New Zealand company Ponoko offers on-demand manufacturing of all sorts of items, including furniture, and allows designers to sell their creations as fully-formed products, ready to ship to retail clients. The entire process is executed by robots programmed with designs sent directly to Ponoko s servers.

Printing and Archival

This is not exactly cutting edge technology, yet, the ability to upload photographs to a server, and pick up prints at a designated store location, is robotic nonetheless. Grocery store chain Safeway, and CVS Pharmacy, were among the first to adopt web-enabled photo printers.

Offering these types of service online doesn t have to be extremely expensive, or overly complicated. Once the right equipment is acquired, any web developer with the right skills and a penchant for web-based hardware, can design a powerful web application that allows online customers to help themselves to whatever you are selling.

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